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Neklaidink žmonių, čia su clixsurf taip atsitiko (nors realesnis variantas, kad paprasčiausiai adminas pabėgo). O čia paskutinis update iš Sasho, GCIsurf admino:

It isn't so easy to fix the problem because we are looking for new programmer now.

The payments will be send later today when we process the checking.

We are in timezone GMT +2 and here is 3 : 30 PM now.

We will start to process the payments not later than 8 PM and you will be paid to 10 PM.




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###### kai susinervinau katik bandau prisilogint prie gci pasirodo istryne, forumas neveikia turbut uzscamino...  :twisted:  :cry:

Stopudovai uzscamino, mane ir istryne, lochai, gaidziai :twisted: Metu Scamas net su tokiais menkuciais 2% mano visa kapitala su savim nusinese.

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To all the members of,


This is an announcement to inform all our members that we shutting down effective from today (11/21/05). I know it is sad to get news like this but please read on. Our growth is slow ever since last month and looking at the phase we are going, I decided to close this site after having long meeting with our team members. There are several reasons I would like to highlight to our members personally.


New Sites

There are too many new PTS sites giving out higher daily earnings. Giving them an opportunity to gain extra money within a short period of time. It is the norm for people to gain more interest in investing in these site compared to ours.


Diversification of Investment

It is a good idea not to put all the eggs into one basket, but it will not be the case for PTS site. For a start, it is impossible for a new PTS site to generate a 30% or higher every month to pay they members. To achieve this, they need at least 5%-10% healthy investment growth and the rest will be covered by their existing businesses. Based on our researched, there are many members that didn't reinvest their payouts into our site . I know this is beyond of our control but my point here is members need to support and stick those PTS site that can live up with their promises.


Cost of Maintenance

Many of you would think that maintaining a PTS site would be a piece of cake, a place where people pool their money and make payouts on time. We have invested in 3 servers, 1 web server and 2 servers are clustered to run the MYSQL database. I'm proud to say that our sites did not went down for more than 4 hours and we always answered all the support emails within 24-48 hours (we have about 100-400 emails daily). All this doesn't come cheap and it is an expenses to us, well I'll leave those math calculation to you guys.


SCAM Sites

Each day we see new PTS site launches and closes down in less than 4 weeks without paying their members back. With all the bad experiences they have went through it is hard for them to have the guts to invest into new PTS sites even those sites have the capability to generate profits for them.


I would like to cut this short, we will start to do refund next week. Please read below for your attention.


1. Surfing and Upgrade option will be disabled. However, members still can have access to their accounts.

2. There is no refund for FREE MEMBERS.

3. There is no refund for MEMBERS that has gain profits from this site.


If you fall in these category then please DO NOT send us any support tickets regarding your refund. For others, we will refund 40% of what you have invested. Therefore, if you already receive your 1st payout then most likely you would not get your refund anymore. If you have any specific question, please send us a ticket.


P/S: Please be patient, it will take some time to complete your refunds.



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To all the members of,


These of you that thinks we can be caught or you can complain the

autorithy from us,its better to give up because it is not possible to catch

us.Only we know who we are - but it isn't possible for someone else to

know who really operates the program.

From the beggning our plan was to protect ourselves if the program


Here is the plan which does not allows us to do a risk:

First we have phone cards with numbers + 359 885 363155 / +359 885

363154 which can't be tracked and they are anonymous.It is like buying an

ice cream from the shop (no names, no information at all!)

The adress listed in our whois information is not real and we are from


We operated the program from PC clubs and it's anonymous again , we

just come in the club , pay for hour , two , ten and we sit down on the

PC and work.

We used stollen documents to confirm ourselves in the TAS newsletter

and Intgold , stormpay ... (we made few unreal letters for TAS as

attorney letters , bank statements with unreal signs and seals and stamps

made from us .... we paid one kid to rent a postal box again with stollen

documents to get our anonymous debit cards and the stormpay - netiba


With the anonymous debit cards we took some money for us , the cards

are on funny names because the company gcard doesn't ask for

confirmation and even if do it we have the stollen documents of Aleksandar ....

50% from the ATM machines here doesn't have cameras - we used such ATMs

(my partner is working in bank) and it is impossible someone to see our

faces :)

No matter the faces ,the goverment doesn't have system to catch us via

the faces :D It's really funny and it isn't USA, be sure :D Third

world rulzzz!!!!!!

In short : we have not given our names anywhere ,noone have seen our

faces , we didn't operate from homes (we are going to buy homes later -

we don't have such now ) We are living in hotels right now.

GCIDealing LTD - isn't real company ofcourse!

We paid for the hosting and the other things via e-gold.

We can't process refunds or payouts.

I wish you good luck with your next programs and before investing

please make your own DD and do it good or you can easily loose.



Sasho - my name isn't Sasho :D my name is Great :D

gcisurf manager


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